Gregory Guillaume

Gregory Guillaume

CHIEF DESIGNER AT KIA MOTORS EUROPE, speaks about his dreams and the realities he deals with in his work

"When I start my work on a new car, first of all I try as much as possible to identify myself with a person who will drive it in the future. I try to anticipate future customers’ thoughts and desires. That’s why I can say there is my personal tocuh in every car I designed. And the SPORTSPACE concept, which we made for Geneva Motor Show is very special and personal for me. This model appeared as a result of my ambitions I had when I was studying design in Switzerland as a young man. The mountains are everywhere in Switzerland and, of course, I went skiing very often during my leisure time. The Geneva Salon which takes place in this country is a very special motor show for me — my favorite one.

It has unique atmosphere and a particular appeal. It comes when winter starts to lose its grip and everything around is touched by this feeling of approaching spring. And I always had this picture in my mind when I was creating that vehicle which I could use to go on a weekend for skiing with friends before driving back for it to be displayed at the Geneva Salon. The ideal concept car has to reflect this — and I believe the SPORTSPACE does just that!"

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Missing the summer

Some experts say that large cars are designed for work and compact ones — for love and pleasure. When you’re lucky enough to find yourself at the wheel of the redesigned Kia Rio — you will hardly argue with those experts, especially if it happens in Sochi — the city which vast majority of Russians mostly associate with love, fun and happiness. The stylish compact Rio flaunting its newly designed alloy wheels looks fit and ready for summer. Its perfectly balanced appearance immediately sets your mood to a highest level of joy. You feel that every part of its exterior and interior design, every engineering solution is bringing a real joy for the Kia designers and engineers, and therefore everything is done not just to satisfy that car’s future owner, but is targeted to bring him the same real pleasure.

A refreshed “tiger nose” grille, a “smile” of headlamps, which lines are much more elegant than ever before, the passionate red color of the body... Aren’t all these the typical traits of the classic holiday romance story hero?

However, on the twisty serpentines you immediately understand that you deal not with just a carefree resort playboy! This is where that agile and well-balanced car reveals its dynamics in a completely new way. Easily and willingly accelerating even on the rise, soft and smooth but still very accurate gearshift, confident braking even on the steepest slopes.

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The X-Men franchise, telling a story of brave mutants fighting for their right to be different from all the others, is one of the most successful in the modern cinema history. KIA Motors Corp. created a very special version of the allnew KIA Sorento mid-size SUV for a joint project with the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. It was inspired by one of the most charismatic X-men characters — the Wolverine superhuman, whose specialty, blade-claws, is reflected in this car exterior design. Just a week before the start of the first 2015 Grand Slam — Australian Open, the car was presented in Melbourne by Kia brand ambassador, famous tennis player Rafael Nadal

The Kia Motors’ Facebook page and YouTube channel feature a video of Rafael Nadal teaming up with the X-Men and taking on the Sentinels, the robotic antagonists from the latest film in the X-Men franchise, who are threatening the 2015 Australian Open. In saving the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, the X-Men and Nadal are helped by a “Kia X-Car”, which leads the attack against the Sentinels.

The car will be showcased in various international motor shows for the fans of the Kia brand and the X-Men franchise, also to promote
the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” releases on digital media.

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Travelling in Australia: The Great Ocean Road

Travelling along the Great Ocean Road is the perfect route for exploring Australia. This 243 kilometers length route displays you all the best: lush eucalyptus forests and rainforests, limestone and sandstone cliffs, sandy beaches, steep winding “serpentine” roads. When travelling by car in Australia, you are always — regardless of you route — surrounded by the wildlife. As the road twists through the branched thicket of rubber plants, you can notice iguanas hiding under rocks and hear the kookaburra birds’ laugh. The Great Ocean Road connecting near-Melbourne Anglesea and Warrnambool is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. So the amount of road signs is huge and you have no need to look into the map.

Better focus your attention completely on tropical forests, vineyards, the stormy ocean and the “big five” of that safari: rock formations, listed as a National Heritage — the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, the Grotto, London Arch, and the Bay of Islands. The UV-protecting sunscreen is not the only and the mostly recommended thing here, it is better not to leave the real Australian attitude at home: to relax like a koala, not trying to push the time, and let the things take their own, natural course.

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